Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Weekend in Review // 5/31

Friday morning Liam and I met some friends at a local strawberry patch where we picked our own strawberries! Well, Liam ate more than he picked.  I had to keep picking half eaten strawberries from the bucket and he was covered in red when we were finished. He had a blast though!

I also got some local honey. I'm talking from the next town over honey! I really hope it helps with our allergies!

The next morning Liam woke up with a fever, so our plans to head to the pool were thrown out the window. Liam ran a fever all weekend, but he was energetic and playful the entire time too.  We stayed home with the exception of lunch at Johnny Rockets! Our plan was to celebrate Father's Day Saturday since my husband is going to be gone on Father's Day. We still took Pablo out for lunch on Saturday since Liam was feeling fine (only running hot). Then it was back to being cooped up in the house.

Saturday afternoon I made a Nutella and Strawberry Tart with all of our fresh picked strawberries! I found the recipe on Pinterest and you can find it here.  It's from the blog, Crazy for Crust. I'm going to have to investigate the blog further, because she has a ton of recipes! :)

Sunday we had to miss church and our community dinner due to the feverish boy. We got a little creative and turned a Nordstrom bag into art. :)

I took Liam to the doctor on Monday and they said it's just his cold from last week hanging around. He's been fever free since Sunday night, so I hope we can get back on a schedule. I need to get out of the house and staying busy makes the time my husband is away fly by much faster!!!

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