Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Weekend in Review // Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Yes, I know. The week is almost over and I'm just now posting what we did last weekend.  Last weekend sort of spilled into Monday and then Liam got a cold. Life just happened, you know? I think we are now back to our regularly scheduled least I'm crossing my fingers that nothing else comes up.

Pablo got home from an underway last Thursday (not yesterday). lol  Liam must have really missed him, because as soon as he was home he refused to let him out of his sight! 

 What else happened last weekend you ask? A lot!

Last Friday my family drove up for a little visit. My grandmother, dad, mom and sister, oh, and Maylene, the dog spent a few days with us.  Pablo even got 3 days in a row off to enjoy with us. Liam was in heaven getting so much attention. We really just relaxed and enjoyed each others company for the most part.  Pablo and I got to go on a date to the movies. We saw Star Trek Into Darkness. It was SO good! (Is my nerdiness showing?)

GGMa reading a story to Liam.
Grandmother giving Liam his new placemats.

Liam loved "walking" Maylene!
Kisses from Auntie Aleta.
Me and my sister and Liam.

Liam also had his first haircut last weekend. My sister is a beauty school drop out (Grease, anyone?!) and always cut my hair when we lived near each other.  I thought it only fitting that she give Liam his first haircut.  It was really just a little trim. His mullet was turning into a rat tail, so she just trimmed the back about an inch.  That tiny little change has made him look so much older though! Waaahhh!

The day before everyone left we took Liam to the Children's Museum so  my family could see him in action.  He showed them all his favorite things there.  It was a blast and I was sad to see them go.

My dad and Liam at the children's museum.
Liam and my parents.

Memorial Day my husband had duty, so Liam and I met some friends downtown for the oldest Memorial Day Parade in the country! The area that we live in has representation from every branch of the military, so the parade had a strong military presence.  I loved hearing the Navy band play and seeing the classic cars.  Liam definitely enjoyed the bands. He clapped and danced along to all the bands that passed.

Liam and his friends enjoying the parade.

Air Force

WWII Submarine veterans!

So, what did you guys do this past weekend?!


  1. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Wish we were there! <3 <3 <3

    1. I wish you were here too! We miss you guys, but it looks like you are settling in nicely in the new place! <3

  2. LOOOOOVE the new look!!!!!

    Yep. We are getting all settled now and we are really loving the city.


    1. Thank you!!! I'm glad you love where you are now! :)