Thursday, May 16, 2013

18 Months of Adventure

The morning after Liam was born. He wasn't even 24 hours old yet. Sigh.

My Sweet Liam,

Tomorrow marks 18 months that your beautiful, little face has been on this planet. A year and a half has flown by faster than I ever thought possible.

The day you were born I could not stop looking at your big, brown eyes and little round face. I still can't stop looking at you. I want to sear your little face into my memory, because every day it changes.

You have always been an independent, strong-willed soul. Not even minutes after your birth you lifted your head up and looked around. I'm pretty sure your thoughts went something like this, "Hello, World! Are you ready?"

These days you are running, climbing, jumping and exploring. You love playing outside. You never meet a stranger and always greet everyone with a smile. You are saying so many things and surprise me with new words all the time. "Doggie" is your favorite word at the moment. "Avi" (avion) is a close second. Even if you just hear one while we're in the house you have to stop and run to the window to look for the airplane. You point to the sky and yell, "Avi, Avi!"  You absolutely adore babies, which is hilarious, because everyone still thinks of you as a baby. At the YMCA the childcare worker comments on how you just love to push the babies in their swings and give them hugs. You'd rather do that then play with the toys.

Not every moment is roses and butterflies, though. You have entered the world of tantrums over the last couple of months. I thought I wouldn't see this behavior until you were two, but here it is. Usually your tantrums occur if  I don't fix your food fast enough. You have always loved to eat.  Lately, I have been pulling up a chair to the kitchen counter and letting you watch or "help".  This seems to keep the tantrums at bay. This morning you spread cheese on your own toast. I was very proud of you. You are also learning that hands are for hugging - not hitting. Las manos son para abrazar - no pegar. You're getting there. Everyday is a little better. I know it takes a lot to remember all the "rules" and you're still so little, but you are also smart. That's why I expect so much from you. Honestly, we're learning together.

Now that you're 18 months you'll get to start going to a Spanish playgroup. I'm so excited that you'll be around other kids who speak Spanish too.  Next month you will take swim lessons again and I hope that you still love the water like you did last year.  So many exciting things are happening. We've had 18 months of adventure and there is still so much more to come!

I am so grateful and blessed that I get to be your mom.  Even on the stressful days, I sit back in awe of how amazing you are and how incredibly happy you make me.

I love you, nene! And I love hearing you say , "Iwubyew" back to me now. It melts my heart.

Always and Forever yours,

Tu Mami


  1. Sweet. Surely, you will print these out for him. :). I uses to write letters like this to my Dawn-Marie. After she was married, I gave them to her. :) I am air your Mom and all Moms burn every moment and every little face into their memory and heart. Enjoyed, thanks for sharing. Auntie T,

    1. That's a great idea! Thank you, Auntie T.! <3