Monday, May 13, 2013

Our weekend in Review // Mother's Day Weekend 2013

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend with my little family. Saturday Pablo had duty, so I took Liam to check out the new Commissary. Exciting, I know, but our old one was just sad. It was so tiny! There was only one aisle of frozen food and the aisles were so small they were one way only! I think this deserves the hashtag, stayathomemomproblems. Ha!

Later Saturday afternoon we walked downtown to see the Gosport Art Festival. Local artists show off their wares every year during this fun little festival. There's live music, food trucks and even things for the kids to do. This year there were big buckets of bubble solution and giant bubble wands for the kids to play with. Liam loved running around and popping the bubbles. It was really windy, so they kept blowing right at him which made for some funny pictures. 


Sunday, I got to teach children's church to a wonderful group of kids. We talked about honoring and obeying our mothers. We also made a special craft for mom! One little boy kept saying, " I just knew this was going to be the best Mother's Day ever!" It was so precious! 

Liam spent the morning with Daddy and when I returned home I got two beautiful cards. One from Liam (he colored it) and one from Pablo. My Mother's Day wish was a shopping trip to Target, so off we went. Pablo took Liam to ride the kiddie rides in the mall, while I got uninterrupted time to peruse the clearance racks. It was lovely and I scored $30 work out pants for $8! Then I was treated to dinner out.  It was a fun day spent serving and just enjoying my boys. 

He was fake laughing in this picture. Goofball.
He's already trying to escape from my kisses. ha!
Our goofy family portrait.

P.S. Something funky happened when I uploaded my photos. They all came out blurry. This makes me sad and maybe at some point I'll have the time to fix them. Until then enjoy the blurry photos. lol!

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