Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Autumn Season: A Bilingual Preschool Curriculum Guide for Home

I created this bilingual Waldorf-inspired preschool curriculum to use with my son this Fall.  I wanted an easy way to implement a Waldorf way of life and create a more predictable schedule for us. This guide is recommended for ages 2-4, but can be adapted for other ages and levels. I like to keep things simple and belief wholeheartedly that children learn best by doing. That and our families love of books is what inspired this curriculum! I will also be including Montessori manipulatives in our play area for Liam to play with during free play. I hope that you will enjoy exploring the season of Autumn with us! 

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Click here to download Our Autumn Season and it's accompanying weekly planning sheet.

How to use Our Autumn Season-
This is a 3 month program (September to November) divided into 2 week segments. Each 2 weeks includes 2 books, a song, a rhyme, a recipe, a listening story, a field trip and an art activity.  It is up to you to decide how you would like to schedule each activity. You can take on everything in one week and then review the next week or break things up over the course of the 2 weeks.  The weeks are somewhat interchangeable, so feel free to move around activities or week themes as you see fit. Also, most of the stories, books and rhymes are in Spanish. This program is bilingual, but Spanish is the minority language in our country, therefore, my main focus with my son is to speak and read in Spanish!  

For my family our daily rhythm will include a circle time where I will introduce each book, rhyme and song. Our circle time will also include Yoga to get our bodies moving! We will be taking a nature walk at least once a week and collecting things for our nature table. This table will consist of seasonal items we find on our walks. Branches, leaves, acorns, etc. I also encourage you to make the songs and rhymes part of your day.  Sing and recite them while you’re playing, cooking or taking a bath. Incorporate them into your daily life!

Remember that the books I have suggested can easily be replaced by a similar book from the library or your own home library.  Most of the books in this curriculum can be found on Amazon.com, as well. If there are activities that you feel are more age appropriate or are more suitable for the area that you live in feel free to swap those out too!

This program is inspired by Waldorf methodology. Nature, the seasons and festivals play a huge role in the Waldorf methodology; that is why this curriculum is seasonally based.  A Waldorf education in the early years puts most of the emphasis on imaginative play with simple toys. I suggest wooden toys that a child can manipulate his/herself. The early years are seen as a time of exploration and for a child to learn through play.  Learning is also seen as inseparable from daily life where young children learn by example. The recipes and trips included here are a catalyst for learning by example and incorporating your child into your everyday activities.

 I hope that this guide will help you on your road to implementing a more child involved way of life! Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you notice any errors at rivasandcompany {at} gmail dot com!