Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank Goodness We Get An Extra Day!

Doctor appointments have gotten in the way of posting Part 2 of the Cloth Diaper series. I've been working on it, but I realize there is a LOT I want to say and share. It may turn into a 3 parter.

Yesterday, Liam had a last minute doctor appointment. He broke out in a rash on his neck and chest the day before. It's nothing serious.  He's just breaking out from all the drool that has erupted over the last few weeks. He actually enjoyed playing at the Dr.'s office.

I was surprised that he's an even 13 lbs. He's nearly doubled his birth  weight in 3 months!

From 6 lbs 6oz at birth 

to 13 lbs at 3 months! 

On our way home we stopped by one of my favorite places, Target, to pick up a few things. Baby boy got a new ball! I have been meaning to get him an Oball since he started grabbing and grasping things. We had Oballs of all sizes at the child development center that I use to work at. They are great for little hands and developing hand-eye coordination. As soon as Liam saw it he fell in love! He even fell asleep with it on our way home! He has been playing with it ever since. He gets so frustrated, because it won't fit in his mouth. 

He wore himself out playing with his ball in the car.  Notice he even wiggled his hat to the side! 


Now to do the laundry! I swear the laundry never ends, even before we started cloth diapering full time.  At least we get an extra day to to catch up on it! 

What are you doing with your extra day? 


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Change of Plans...

I was going to continue my cloth diaper post today, but it was such a beautiful day here that Liam and I decided to take a walk around our little town instead. I knew it was a nice day out, but I thought it was a little breezy, so this is how I dressed the little one. Hat, socks and a blanket.

Forgive the blurry picture. The kid likes to move. 

We stepped outside and we were hit by a wave of heat! I checked the temperature on my phone...79 degrees! Needless to say off came the hat and later the socks. The blanket was stowed away and we were off.  On a side note: This is Liam's second time in the "big seat" of his stroller. Before we just used his carseat with the stroller frame, but he LOVES being able to see everything.

On our way to the Waterfront we passed Starboards Coffee Kiosk. It was busy on this hot day.

 That's it on the right with the blue roof. 

We made it to the Waterfront despite the wind and enjoyed watching the ships pass by! Liam loved looking at the seagulls. 

After spending some time at the Waterfront we needed a snack. So, we stopped at The Coffee Shoppe!

 Liam relaxing at The Coffee Shoppe. He enjoys the music.

 After a bottle (for Liam, of course!), an iced latte and a small piece of chocolate, pecan pie we knew exactly where we were going to stop next! Olde Towne Art!!!! We love visiting our friends at Olde Towne Art. Mrs. Kas is like a surrogate grandmother to Liam. She can always seem to get him to fall asleep. Today was no different. He passed out on her shoulder while we chatted about local businesses and how much black granite countertops suck! I think as soon as Liam can hold a paintbrush, Kas will have him in the studio learning to paint.  He is so enthralled with all the bright artwork.
After Liam's much needed nap we headed home. We had to beat the rain. This beautiful day turned nasty in a hurry.  Thunderstorm and tornado watches can be heard on the news now.  I'm just glad we got to get out and enjoyed the day! This Sunday it's supposed to be 46 degrees! How we can go from 79 to 46 is beyond me....

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I used the last disposable diaper last night! (Cloth Diapers Part One)

There may be 2 or 3 disposable diapers in Liam's diaper bag, but that is it! I'll admit I'm a little nervous. We're going all cloth from now on! We've been using cloth diapers since Liam was 9 weeks (when he could finally fit into them.), but we didn't use them exclusively. We decided not to spend the money on newborn size cloth diapers since he would only be in them for a few weeks, so we used disposable diapers when he was born.  By 9 weeks Liam could actually fit into his cloth diapers and we started using them during the day around the house. If we went out we would use disposables and at night we used disposables

Liam at 2 months loving his cloth diaper!

After buying this last giant box of disposable diapers from Sam's Club my husband and I decided that this was more disposables. After all, why did we buy the cloth to begin with, if we were still going to spend money on disposables? 

 We still haven't made the switch to cloth wipes. We discovered through trial and error that BabyGanics wipes are the only ones that don't give Liam a rash. He got a horrible rash with Huggies Sensitive wipes and even the 7th Generation wipes gave him a little rash. We stumbled upon the BabyGanics wipes and then found them on sale at Babies 'R' Us. We're currently using up the 4th and last box!

After we use these up then it's on to the Diaper Rite Flannel Wipes from Diaper Junction.  I think I'm going to make my own wipe solution, but I haven't thought that far ahead yet. Ha! I have thought about how I'm going to store the cloth wipes. I'm using an old wipe container...why fix what's not broken? It works for disposable wipes and cloth wipes!

That is where we currently stand with cloth diapers. I'm starting from the end and working my way back to the beginning. Tomorrow I'll dive into how we started with cloth diapers in the first place. I'll give you a hint: It has to do with money!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So, who is this Liam kid?

*** Update:  This was my first post at which time the blog was titled Laundry, Languages, Laughter and Liam. I just thought I'd clear that up since it's referenced in this post. =)

If you've stumbled across my blog, you may be asking yourself "Who's Liam?".  I am more than happy to answer that question! Liam is my adorable, smart and charming baby boy! See below.

 Liam Perez

You may also be wondering what HE has to do with laundry and languages. (I figure the laughter part is obvious.) Of course, babies create lots of laundry! Those tiny clothes seem to never stay clean. But my husband and I have added even more laundry...we've decided to try our hand at cloth diapering! So far, so good, but more on that later! 

The second part of my blog name is languages. My adventure with languages started well before Liam was ever a thought. I come from a Southern family and we speak only English, but I fell in love with the Spanish language in High School. I continued studying it in College and eventually changed my major to Spanish.

 La Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain

I was lucky enough to meet and marry my bilingual husband, so the Spanish has continued.

Now, we've decided that we want Liam to be bilingual, therefore, the Spanish Language is spoken quite frequently at home! I wouldn't go as far as to say that we ONLY speak Spanish at home, but we're working on it! 

We also read and sing in Spanish!

So, there you have it! This is my adventure of motherhood, bilingualism and cloth diapering with a little humor thrown in. <3

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