Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm bringing blogging back...

I really hope you sang the title to the tune of "I"m Bringing Sexy Back"! haha!

Today I'm bringing back the blog. I have just been way to busy being Mom and Dad to a 2 year old. (That's right the boy is 2 now!) I had back surgery and my husband is STILL deployed. So, Life took precedence over my blog. I have missed it though. I've decided that I will still post, but it probably won't be as frequent. Let's say it will be infrequent,  but I'll try! :)

To kick off my blog's rebirth, if you will, I've decided to link up with Very Busy Mama for the Real Mom Style series!  Look for the #RealMomStyle on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! 

 Here is what I wore to church Sunday morning! I bought this dress to wear to the halfway party for my husband's ship. It's a party to celebrate the halfway point of deployment! All the spouses left back home get together and have a big party! I missed said party though, because I had a horrible stomach bug. Since I didn't get to wear it then I brought it out for church yesterday! I love how edgy the dress is without being over the top. It still has a classic shape and flare. I also love an excuse to wear patterned tights! hehe!

Dress: Worhington from JCPenney

Tights: I'm not sure where I got the tights. I'm a huge fan of patterned and colored tights. I usually pick them up at Target. This pair I can't say for sure though.

Shoes: Target! I got the ankle boots this past Fall at Target. 

Necklace: Claire's. I picked this necklace up at Claire's of all places. I was actually shopping for my younger cousin, but I saw it and thought it would look perfect with my dress. I was right! 

So, What's your Real Mom Style?! 

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