Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day!

We had snow flurries off and on all morning today! Of course, Liam's morning nap was during the majority of it. After he woke up I rushed him outside and there was nothing! The sky was clear.

But wouldn't you know as soon as we got back into the apartment it started coming down! I'm talking the minute we walked through the door! So, I rushed him back out! He was so confused. Sadly, none of the snow stuck, but it sure was pretty! It was so fine that I really did not get any decent pictures of it either. Oh well. I enjoyed seeing it! Liam was just glad to get out of the apartment.

We had to cancel our morning walk, because we both woke up sick. I've been drinking lots of hot tea and consuming honey & cayenne pepper. I hope to feel better tomorrow! I am definitely feeling worse than Liam. He's got a stuffy nose and even that isn't slowing him down. I, on the other hand, feel like my brain is trying to make an escape out of my forehead! Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow! <3

By the time we made it outside the second time, he'd taken off a mitten.


  1. I hope you both are feeling better!

    1. Thank you! Liam is 100% now, I'm still battling the sinus crud. I think a doctor visit is in my near future!