Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Weekend In Review // 4/12/13

My Grandmother's birthday was this past Friday. I was a little slow getting her card mailed out, so I took Liam's picture with the painting he made for her and posted it on her Facebook page. Yes, my grandma has Facebook. ;)

When my husband got home from work we headed to one of his favorite restaurants for dinner. Liam spotted the "gogos" (globos/balloons) as soon as we walked in. He had to have one! We tied it onto his highchair and it was a great distraction until the food arrived. The pure joy on his face from that one blue balloon was amazing! You would have thought he had the most expensive toy on the planet! He held on to it all night until time for bed.

Saturday was a duty day for the hubs, so Liam and I tackled his ever growing toy collection. We organized and sorted his toys...well, I did. He played with them for the most part.

 He also stole my empty coffee cup and kept pretending to drink out of it. Maybe I drink too much coffee...this seems like a learned behavior. lol!

It was a gorgeous day for a walk, so we went to visit our friend Leslie at her art studio, Studio One, located in Riverview Gallery. Liam helped Leslie work on her portrait of the Pope. We are so lucky to have such wonderfully talented friends! During our walk I discovered that we're getting a Jimmy Johns right down the street from us! Anyone else LOVE their sandwiches?!

I came to the realization Saturday night that we have hit the climbing phase. Liam climbed onto the computer chair and I caught him turning the printer on and off! I will be pushing all chairs under from now on!

Sunday my husband got to come home for a few hours before heading back to the ship for an underway. We headed out for a walk since it was another pretty day. We ended up at the local arts and cultural center. We have a membership to the Children's Museum and with that you get admission into the other museums in our downtown area as well.

Overall it was a fun, slightly productive weekend. We try and enjoy every minute we have together as a family, because my husband's time on the ship is more frequent than his time at home.

P.S. I promise to post something other than our weekends very soon. I've just been super busy and I like to spend as much time with my husband as possible leading up to his departure! :)

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