Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Weekend in Review // 4/6

Our Saturday morning started a little late. Liam actually slept in and Daddy didn't get off work until 8:30 that morning, so we had a lazy morning. 

Pablo introduced Liam to Transformers. Pablo let Liam watch a few minutes of the original Transformers cartoon movie from the 80's. As you can see from the above picture they were both enthralled!  The quote of the morning goes to Pablo..."I don't remember there being this much hair metal in this movie." Haha! Liam enjoyed dancing to said hair metal and that cracked us both up. 

We had a late lunch at Pop's Diner. Kids eat free all the time there, so that makes it a favorite of ours. Plus the food is delicious! I think I had more fun coloring than Liam. He preferred to look out the window as you can see from the pictures. ;)

Then it was off to the mall, so Liam could check out the puppies. "Doggie" is his new favorite word! He got to play with an English Bulldog Pup! It took everything in me not to take him home! I really want to get Liam a dog, but living in a 3rd floor apartment is not a great set up for a dog. So, we just visit the pet stores to get our dog fixes. hehe! 

 Saturday evening Liam found a new way to play with his dump truck. He's creative...I'll give him that.

Sunday we walked to our local French Bakery, Artisans Bakery and Cafe, for lunch! I dream about their food!  Of course, Liam decided to have a veggie/fruit pouch before our food arrived. He still managed to eat his french baguette and cheese and a little of our food too.

Then we headed home to just enjoy each others company before the Navy separates us from Daddy in the not too distant future. Liam got new Dinosaur magnets at the mall and he is in LOVE! He has to yell "rawr" every time he places one on the fridge! I think these will make a nice distraction while I'm trying to cook dinner. :)

One of Liam's Favorite Toys!


  1. LOVE your hair!!!!!!
    I miss you guys so much!!!
    I have been wanting to get those same Melissa & Doug dino magnets for Colin!!! LOL We got him the stampers and he loves them!

    1. Thank you! We miss you! :( We found the magnets at Barnes and Nobles for half off! I think we paid around $5 for them! If you have one near you check out the clearance. They had some amazing toys and BOOKS, of course! haha!

  2. Love your hair as well the pictures are great! I wish I could get something for the kids to play in the kitchen but it's not that big and my fridge is right across my stove. Always afraid of them getting burned.

    1. Thank you! :) Our kitchen is pretty small too, but the fridge and stove are on opposite ends, so it works for us. Have you looked at the learning towers? I've heard they're a great way to let kids "help" in the kitchen, yet they're still out of the way. I've been thinking about getting one for Liam. :)