Thursday, March 14, 2013

Connect With Other Bilingual Mothers and Experts Right at Home

I have been very fortunate to be able to participate in two of SpanglishBaby's Live Google+ Hangouts recently. A Hangout is a live video chat that you can invite people to view. SpanglishBaby has just recently started using Hangouts and I have really enjoyed them. They always feature bilingual professionals and other bilingual moms. While the chat is taking place you can type in your questions and they will answer them!

It's a great way to get information and have your questions answered by professionals. I also like hearing the stories and struggles of other mothers raising bilingual children. The topics of each of the Hangouts have been great! The first one was on Dual Language Immersion Programs followed by The Bilingual Rebellion Stage and Bilingualism and Kids with Special Needs.

I was able to participate in the first and last Hangout. Neither of these topics apply to me at the moment , but it was great information. I encourage everyone to check them out. You can watch the videos of the chats at the links above or the SpanglishBaby YouTube channel. 

Here I've included the latest chat for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and don't forget to check out the next Hangout! :)


  1. This is really cool. I had no idea how the Google hangouts worked so this is fun to see. Thanks for sharing on "Say It Two Ways Thursdays"!

    1. I went into it without a clue, but they really are simple to navigate! Thank you for the opportunity! :)