Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Summer Soundtrack, Aquí, Allá!

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I think we have found our Summer soundtrack! Thank goodness it's not FROZEN! I can sing you every word to every song from that movie, because for the past 2 months that has been the only thing Liam wants to listen to in the car. Not to mention that we were watching the movie once a week!  I think it's about time for us to thaw out and warm up and I found just the thing!

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band's latest Spanish album, Aquí, Allá! Not only does Liam love dancing to it, but I love listening to it too! It's not everyday that you find children's music that you actually enjoy as an adult, but Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band's latest album fits that bill.

Liam has been singing along to Lucky Diaz's first Spanish album for awhile now. It's one of the first albums that he learned the words too (followed by Frozen). That is why I was so excited to hear that they were making a second album! And it does not disappoint! It's catchy and heartfelt with a nod to Hispanic culture. I find myself singing along too. I've even caught my husband singing in the car! hehe!

The fact that Liam is singing in Spanish is what makes me the most excited! I've noticed English is becoming his dominant language.  I expected that seeing as we live in the USA, but it's still a little disappointing.  Any time I can encourage Spanish and have fun at the same time I do it! Hearing him shout out "Órale!" from the backseat is music to my ears. Thanks for another great album Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band!

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  1. YAY for finding great music you can both enjoy!! I wish Cailey and Colin would get over their obsession with Frozen... SIGH...