Friday, May 11, 2012

Long overdue...

I guess you could say I've been a little slack with keeping up with the blog. My apologies! Life tends to get hectic with an almost 6 month old ( I can NOT believe I can say that now!). Sometimes showers are hard to come by (I've started just taking a bath with Liam and it kills two birds with one stone.) and sometimes I have to stuff whatever I can find in my mouth as I run out the door.  Ha! So, here goes a recap...

Last week Liam got his first ear in each ear. My poor baby was miserable. He cried and cried and could not be consoled. That's how I knew something was wrong. My normally perky, loving baby just wanted to be left to scream. The doctor says we caught them just as they were starting and after a day of antibiotics he was back to his old self. I'll be glad when he finishes the antibiotic on Sunday, because his diapers have been ridiculous! Use your imagination on this one, people!

Liam is now sitting up unsupported. He's been doing that since Mid-April! He has been hitting so many milestones earlier than expected. I hope he holds off on crawling until I can baby-proof the house.

I think that Liam can tell the difference between Spanish and English now. His expressions change and he babbles differently when we speak one language versus the other. I'm elated to see that he's actually catching on.  He seems to prefer Spanish right now. He smiles and laughs whenever we speak Spanish to him.  Yesterday, he got to hear Mama in Guatemala talk to him. He just sat there smiling and listening to her the whole time. Mi gordito is his favorite phrase. He belly laughs every time I call him that! It's adorable!

Liam is eating solids like it's nothing....We puree dinner and he gobbles it up. He has loved everything he's tried!  He has started to prefer what we puree over the baby food. He now makes a disgusted face when he eats baby food green beans, but if i puree them he's fine. Silly baby!

 We visited the Virginia Children's Museum for the first time. Liam enjoyed every minute of it! He especially like dancing to the live steel drum band! It was Day of the Child, so we also got to visit the Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center for free. There we saw live reptiles! I got to wear a snake! Liam was oblivious. He was more interested in the kids running around. Ha!

Well, I think that should have everyone caught up.  I am going to try to update more and I promise I will eventually finish the cloth diaper posts! <3

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  1. OMGosh!! You had a snake on your head!!!! EWWW!! LOL
    <3 you!!!