Monday, March 26, 2012

We're Back!

I know it's been 2 weeks since I've been home from my roadtrip, but I have been so busy! So much has happened in these two weeks.

Liam was an angel on the roadtrip. He slept most of the time or played with jirafa (his giraffe toy)! Our first stop was in NC to visit Ginger, Shane and Levi! Levi just loves Liam and wants to help with him all the time. They're adorable together.

Levi holding Liam's hand in the car!

 After a night in NC it was on to SC! Liam got to meet so many new friends and family members! It was a whirlwind trip, but I am so glad we went. I think it's important for Liam to know his extended family and all those that love him! Here's a few pictures of the trip. These are all from my phone, because somewhere along the way I lost the charger/usb cord to my camera. And of course, it's one of those odd shaped ones, so no other cord in the house fits it!

Grandaddy and Liam

Auntie Eta and Liam at the Farmer's Market

Cousins Caleb and Celeste

Making funny faces with Grandmother

Kisses from cousin Chase
Rocking with Great Grandma
In the past two weeks since we've been back we've been going non-stop. During that time I've finished physical therapy, I helped paint the chapel at church, Liam has started rolling over, he's also laughing at everything and he started solids! My sister has also came and gone...that's how crazy the past two weeks have been.

Liam had his 4 month check-up and is a healthy baby boy! He weighs in at 13 lbs.15 oz and is 24.5 inches long! We got the go ahead from his doctor to start solids. She surprised me by telling me to just mash up whatever we're eating and feed it to him. Since he's been breastfed he's been exposed to everything I've eaten, so if he had any allergies they would have more than likely shown up already.  Liam loved to eat and now he loves it even more! Here is a great article on the new baby food revolution if you're interested in what's changed!

And this would probably sum up the last two weeks in pictures.

Passed out on St. Patrick's Day

Wrestling Mono at the Dr.'s

Spending time on his tummy

I just have to add one more thing!  I bought tickets to see Wicked a while back and knew that my husband would go, but would not appreciate it as much as my music loving sister. So, my sister and I had a girl's day this past Saturday, while Liam spent the day with Daddy! He had his first trip out with Daddy!  I think Pablo appreciates what I go through on a day to day bases more now that he had Liam by himself for an entire day. He said he enjoyed it, but he realizes how much work it really is. It feels great to be appreciated. =)

My Aunt is Super Rad

Waiting to see Wicked

The Set!

Aleta with a cast member
Hanging out with Daddy!
I'd say that sums up the last two weeks. I should've titled this post PHOTO OVERLOAD! Ha!

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