Monday, July 29, 2013

One week down!

Oh... Hello, There!

Yes, I remember I have a blog. I was just soaking up all the time I could with my sailor!

Photo Credit: Shutterly {Sweet} Photography

Photo credit: Shutterly {Sweet} Photography

And would you look at the calendar... It's been a week since I had to say see ya later to my handsome husband! The following day we watched the ship sail out from the Chesapeake Bay and onto the Ocean.

Liam and I are still trying to get into a routine of our own, but the week went by surprisingly fast. I think the first week is one of the hardest.  I just tried to stay busy and work on a schedule for us. I have also started putting together the first care package.  I've already booked our homecoming photographer too! From what I hear finding a photographer for homecoming is already starting to be a challenge and we just got started! Ha! 

So, for those of you dealing with a deployment or facing one soon I thought I'd share the link to my care package idea board on Pinterest! You can find it here. There are LOTS of great ideas on there. I'm going to try and post my monthly care package, as well. :) 

Another idea I came across on Pinterest to countdown deployment can be found here.  You take a photo each month with a chalkboard wall that says what you did that month complete with drawings, etc. Since we rent I knew I couldn't do a chalkboard wall. So, off I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I found a dry erase wall decal that is perfect! You can find it here.

 I can't wait to share our photo each month with my husband (and you guys too)!