Monday, April 9, 2012

An Easter Baptism!

 This past weekend was special for two reasons. It was the celebration of Easter and Liam's Baptism! My Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin all came up for the Baptism. We had a great weekend together and witnessed a beautiful service on Sunday.  Pablo and I even got to sneak away on Friday evening for a date night. The family didn't mind, because they really only came for Liam. ha! We also celebrated my Grandmother's birthday! What an eventful weekend!

Liam decided since Sunday was his day he'd do things his way. During the music portion of the service, right before his Baptism Liam projectile vomited all over his bib. Luckily my sister caught it and his Baptism Gown didn't get too wet! He continued to spit up (read not projectile) during the service and even while we were in front of the church! Then he fell asleep while the congregation was doing the readings. He slept right through getting water poured over his head and woke up just in time to spit up on the Pastor who gave him back in a hurry. Never a dull moment....

I was a little worried about him, so I took him to the Doctor today. She said he probably just got overheated and had over eaten since he had no fever and it only happened once. He's been fine ever since and has wolfed down apples and brown rice & veggie soup today. 

Now for the pictures and I promise I will be getting back to the cloth diaper posts as soon as all this excitement dies down!

Two Easter baskets!

Liam's Easter Basket from the Easter bunny.

Great Grandma and Liam

Happy Birthday, Great Grandma!

Easter Sunday.
Liam wearing my Christening gown for his Baptism.

Family waiting on Liam's Baptism.

Being Baptized

Liam in his Easter outfit

Easter outfit!

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